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Ordering Spots for Group Box/Case Breaks

Spots for our breaks can be purchase through the Paypal link at our site. Quantities of spots can be adjusted on a per break basis. Spots can also be purchased using break credit or a combination or credit and Paypal.

Personal Box/Case Breaks

Personal Box Breaks are purchased similar to Group Breaks except that the purchaser gets the entire contents of the box or case. The box or case is opened live on Facebook and YouTube after all group breaks are opened during the current or next live broadcast, according to the Broadcast Schedule.

Ordering Single Cards For Sale in our Store

Single cards for sale in our store can either be purchased for the asking price listed or offers can be made on individual cards whether they have an asking price or not. Any cards purchased from our site will go immediately into your portfolio where you can decide what you want to do with them (posted for sale, graded, sent to eBay, shipped home, etc.). Single cards can be purchased using Paypal, break credit or a combination of the two.


All cards are always shipped free. Everyone has their own shipping date per week (Tuesday - Friday) and it will be the same every week. All cards marked "To Be Shipped" in your account will be shipped on your next shipping day.

Refund Policy

All sales of break spots and single cards are final.

What are Box and Case Breaks?

Although relatively new in popularity, the definition of box (or case) breaks varies from one breaker to another, as every breaker has his or her own way of breaking, but most will describe a similar version of below.

A box break is a live-streamed event in which a breaker will open a case, box or even pack of collectible trading cards for individuals or groups of people.

To buy into a break, "spots" are purchased at a specified price and each spot is randomly assigned a team (or whatever other list type is being used) in that break.

Once the box is opened any teams assigned to that spot are yours.

Getting involved in a break is a great way to affordably get into rare or expensive card sets without having to buy an entire box or case.

How is The Break Exchange different?

The Break Exchange is committed to bringing you a state-of-the-art experience when it comes to box breaking and the cards you acquire while being a part of that experience. We believe you should have the option of doing whatever you want with YOUR cards within hours, not days or even weeks of acquiring them. The following is a list of features that we are very excited to introduce you, only available through our revolutionary process.

  • An instantaneous and modern randomization process giving you instant results as soon as the break starts.
  • As soon as the breaks are done a link to the video will be sent to you for any break that you were in OR any break for which you asked to see the video.
  • At the end of each day, in your account page, you will be able to see full details (including front and back pics) on all cards that you acquired through any of the breaks that day.
  • Any card that you own can be shipped out, stored, consigned to us, sold/traded to other members, graded or sent to eBay right from your "My Cards" page. Selling your cards through our site is a great way to earn money to spend on future breaks, and can be done the same day! You can also send us your personal collections or non-PC cards to keep at our site to do the same things with. Your cards/collections sent to us are posted to your account in days not weeks.
  • A high-tech inventory system that significantly speeds up shipping and even gives you the option to have cards shipped out the next day.