Broadcast Schedule

The Broadcast Schedule is basically the schedule for when we will be breaking live for a specific day, that day's breaking session. During a break session we will break any and all breaks currently sold out. Any breaks that are not sold out will move to the next break session in the Broadcast Schedule (See Break Date Guarantee below). Any breaks scheduled for a specific day will be broadcast within those broadcast hours, as opposed to individual break times for each break. In other words, if a 2017 Spectra Football case break is scheduled to break on 05/01/2017, and the broadcast schedule for 05/01/2017 starts at 6:00pm, then that case will break during that broadcast session, assuming it is sold out. All personal breaks will break at the end of any group breaks for that session. The broadcast schedule for each day will be posted 2-4 days in advance.

Break Date Guarantee

All breaks are guaranteed to break the night they are scheduled.

If a break doesn't happen on the day it's scheduled then the break moves to the next scheduled day and you have 2 options:

1. Stay in the break and receive 10% automatically in your account to spend as you wish. (Happens by default immediately when a break moves)
2. Get a refund on the break and receive a bonus 5% credit in your account. (Happens by request within hours)

Types of Breaks

The Break Exchange conducts only random breaks and personal breaks. The most common type of random breaks that we will do is random teams but we will also be doing random players, serial numbers, divisions and more. Common, Low-Value Base Cards in Breaks All cards always ship. However, common, low-value base cards will not ship by themselves, they will be shipped with any shipped hits, whether from our store or from breaks. Only what we consider hits (autos, relics, super short print parallels and valuable rookies) will be shown in your account. The rest of your cards will be help for you offline and ship on your next weekly ship day. All cards always ship.

Randomization Process

Our randomization process is a state-of-the-art computerized process that immediately and randomly groups together people who have purchased spots with the teams (or other list type) that are currently being used. Since this is computerized there is no data entry or bulky spreadsheets to take up a lot of time and risk of making errors. Once a break starts the randomizer will immediately start, pair the spots and the teams together and display the results immediately on the screen. Because this process is immediate there is literally only seconds of downtime in between breaks. The results of the randomizer will stay on the screen to allow you to see the teams you were randomized through the entire duration of the break! If we are doing breaks for random teams in the MLB, NBA, NFL or NHL, free spot credits will be awarded immediately to your credit account if you hit your favorite (PC) team in the randomizer. Your team pairing in the randomizer will turn blue if you do and the credit in your account can be used immediately. In order for this to work you must have your PC teams selected in your profile.

Trading Teams

Trading teams is currently not available. If you are randomly assigned a team that you are not interested in our state-of-the-art site will allow you to post any card on our site to sell, as mentioned above, and sold for cash or credit for future breaks.

Cards from Breaks that have Multiple Teams

All cards from breaks that have more than 1 team on them will be IMMEDIATELY given to the particular team on the card that is in the lowest position on the randomizer results.

Cards with No Teams

Cards that do not have a team (like rewards cards or the occasion card from a different sport) will be automatically awarded to the person who has the team on the very next card in the break. If this particular non-team card is the last card pulled then it will go to whoever has the team on the very first card pulled in the break.

College or Unmarked Team Rules

If a player on the front of the card is in a college uniform, or not marked, the card will go to the player's current team, or most recent team if they are retired. If the player does not have a team (undrafted or otherwise) then the card goes to the team pairing on the very bottom of the randomizer. Unless there has already been a "random all" card in that break, in which case it would go to the next pairing up on the randomizer.

Our Online Store

Our online store consists of cards sold by our members. These cards can be cards pulled from breaks that they want to sell or cards that they sent us from home to sell. If you have cards from home that you would like to sell or consign please click here.

Sending in Cards From Home

If you would like to send your cards in from home please go to our Sell Our Cards page and fill out the form. You can either sell us your cards directly (in exchange for immediate cash or break credit) or consign them at our site (see Selling Cards at our Site, below). Once the cards are in your portfolio you will be able to do anything you want to them as mentioned above. We reserve the right to not post common cards to the site, based on our experienced judgement. Any commons not posted will be donated.

Costs for Sending in Cards From Home

We do not charge a fee to post your cards to our site in order to sell them, store them, build your portfolio, etc. The ONLY time there is an additional charge for posting your personal cards that are sent in is if you change your mind and have those cards sent back to you, in which case the charge is $0.10 per card and the shipping amount comes from the shipping table at our Ordering & Shipping page.

Selling Cards at our Site

Any cards sold from your portfolio, at our site, are subject to a VERY inexpensive 10% TOTAL consignment charge. That's it! There are no other charges!

Withdrawing Money from Your Account

There is NO charge for requesting your money from your account. None! Please keep in mind that only funds from sales of cards (either at our store or on eBay) can be withdrawn through Paypal. Funds received by winning bounties or free spots in the randomizer by getting your favorite team can only be used at our site. There are 3 different ways you can withdraw money from your account: 1 Request a PayPal payment sent to you, you would be subject to whatever PayPal fees they charge on the receiving end. 2 Use the money in your account to purchase breaks for sale at our site or cards for sale in our store. 3 In some cases we can send a check but those would need to be pre approved. Send your request to Turnaround time on these requests is the fastest in the industry, usually no more than 24 hours, often less.

Posting cards to The Break Exchange' eBay Account

In your portfolio you have the option of sending cards to The Break Exchange' highly established eBay account. Our eBay account has an incredibly strong history, commanding some of the highest comparative prices on eBay. Because of our state-of-the-art inventory system all of the card details are sent to eBay automatically, including card number, player, team, attributes, pictures front and back, etc. All cards sent to our eBay account have a starting price of $0.99, duration of 5 days and no reserve price. We just let them fly, and it works! Once cards are marked to be sent to our eBay account it will no longer be available for sale at our store, but you'll still be able to see the card, including a link to eBay. IMPORTANT: Bidding on your own cards is highly prohibited and can cost you your account on our site.

All of our site's combined cards in queue to be sent to eBay will post between 9:30pm and midnight Eastern Time, that night. The consignment fee for eBay cards sent to our account is 30%. The net amount will be sent to your account as soon as payment is received. The Break Exchange is responsible for shipping the cards to the winners. As far as box/case breaks are concerned, this technology has made it possible to have a card posted to eBay the same day it's broken, with full details!

Posting cards to your eBay account

Since we don't have access to individuals eBay accounts, posting your cards to your own eBay account is a manual process. Simply mark the card "To Be Shipped" and save both the front and back pictures to your device. Then you'll be able to post to your personal eBay account as you normally would. Once the card is marked "To Be Shipped" it is no longer available for sale at our website and will be on its way to you for you to ship once it ends.


One of the options that you have with individual cards in your portfolio is to have a card professionally graded. The Break Exchange uses Beckett Grading Services (BGS) for grading and the 5-day service level. The cost for getting your cards graded is $30.00 per card. The Break Exchange will cover the full BGS shipping and insurance charges, both to and from Beckett. All cards to be graded will be shipped out to Beckett Grading Services every Tuesday. Once the graded cards return they will immediately be shown in your portfolio, with new front and back pictures and new grade, and you will be notified by email.

What are Box and Case Breaks?

Although relatively new in popularity, the definition of box (or case) breaks varies from one breaker to another, as every breaker has his or her own way of breaking, but most will describe a similar version of below.

A box break is a live-streamed event in which a breaker will open a case, box or even pack of collectible trading cards for individuals or groups of people.

To buy into a break, "spots" are purchased at a specified price and each spot is randomly assigned a team (or whatever other list type is being used) in that break.

Once the box is opened any teams assigned to that spot are yours.

Getting involved in a break is a great way to affordably get into rare or expensive card sets without having to buy an entire box or case.

How is The Break Exchange different?

The Break Exchange is committed to bringing you a state-of-the-art experience when it comes to box breaking and the cards you acquire while being a part of that experience. We believe you should have the option of doing whatever you want with YOUR cards within hours, not days or even weeks of acquiring them. The following is a list of features that we are very excited to introduce you, only available through our revolutionary process.

  • An instantaneous and modern randomization process giving you instant results as soon as the break starts. Through the same system any multi or non-team cards pulled will also be instantly randomized at the time they're pulled.
  • Below the video you will always be able to see if you are in the current break and a list of what team(s) you have in the current break. This is updated dynamically and changes automatically with each break, without having to refresh the page.
  • As soon as the breaks are done a link to the video will be sent to you for any break that you were in OR any break for which you asked to see the video.
  • At the end of each day, in your account page, you will be able to see full details (including front and back pics) on all cards that you acquired through any of the breaks that day.
  • Any card that you own can be shipped out, stored, consigned to us, sold/traded to other members, graded or sent to eBay right from your "My Cards" page. Selling your cards through our site is a great way to earn money to spend on future breaks, and can be done the same day! You can also send us your personal collections or non-PC cards to keep at our site to do the same things with. Your cards/collections sent to us are posted to your account in days not weeks.
  • A high-tech inventory system that significantly speeds up shipping and even gives you the option to have cards shipped out the next day.