• 1 Box of 2018 Panini Prizm Racing
  • 2018 Prizm Racing 1-box break! Random First Letter of Last Name! 13 SPOTS!

    4 Autos per box!!

    See details about product(s) below, including sample cards.


    ...For a chance at getting spots in this break.

    This break has 1 filler that also needs to sell out before this break is completely sold out.

       Winner of this filler gets 3 spots in Break ID: 4373.
  • This break is scheduled for Thursday, 11/08/2018 @ 8:00PM Eastern Time.
    Here is the list to be randomized, based on the FIRST LETTER of the player's LAST NAME:
  • A, N
  • B
  • C, D
  • E
  • G, T
  • H
  • J
  • K, R
  • L
  • M, Y
  • P
  • S
  • W, I

  • Who's in:
    Brandon Mo., Daniel Wo.(2), Jeff Ba.(5), John Ke.(2), Michael Ti., Ryan Th.(2)

    Don't Forget!

  • See all your hits in your account after the break.
  • Sell, Grade, eBay, Ship, Save, etc. any hits in your account.
  • Sample Cards from this Product